Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gulshan Polyols - Latest News

Financial Results for March 31, 2013 (Audited)
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Board recommends Dividend:
Recommended a dividend @ 50%, (Rs. 2.50/- per equity share) to the Equity Shareholders of the Company.

My Views:
Gulshan Polyols has posted a 20% increase in revenues YoY and almost 21% increase in revenues QoQ.
Net Profit of the company has increased by a staggering 108% YoY and a meager 11% QoQ.
So, both, in terms of Net Profit as well as Revenues, the result looks outstanding to me.
Annual EPS posted by the company is 27 against the share price of 65, which is quite unbelievable as it makes the P/E ratio standing at 2.4 against the industry P/E of 32.
Dividend declared by the company is double compared to last year where it was 1.25 Rs per share.
Just having a look at all these factors, I dont think I need to mention anything else.

Just thought of posting a comment by my friend totalview on moneycontrol board:
It`s a steal at CMP !!!! An EPS of Rs.27.43 and dividend enhanced by 100%(@ 50% and earlier 25%) !!!! Look at the cash balance of the company, it`s more than Rs.28 crores) and capital is just Rs.4.22 crores !!! It`s discounted PE is just a little more than 2 !!!!! 

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